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JCEC worked on providing the following :

The latest games and entertainment technologies according to international specifications and conditions, such as group games that create an atmosphere of fun and adventure, and provide educational games and games allocated for all ages.

- Taking all international safety standards into account in cooperation with the largest international companies specialized in this field.
- Developing a comprehensive operating manual for the entertainment sector, as it contains everything necessary to manage this sector within clear and precise procedures
.- Providing qualified and specialized cadres of highly qualified maintenance engineers and employees who undergo practical training to create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment in a safe environment.
- Developing comprehensive marketing plans that include several elements

  • Promotions, online and online events and social media. 

  • E-marketing, external advertisements, felid visits, partnership with all sectors that serve the entertainment sector, and schools are an important strategic partner for this sector.

  •  Allocating a budget of no less than 50% to implement the marketing plans, in order to ensure access to the largest segment of entertainment in record time.

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